When can I apply?

You can apply once a year. In 2024, the application period is from July 1st to October 3rd. You can commence your research after November 14th, 2024.

What can I apply for? Artistic research abroad focused on 'non-Western' sources, repertoire, and perspectives within the domains of theatre, dance, and film.

What cannot be applied for?

  • Research without an artistic focus (e.g., audience surveys, exploring production or financial possibilities, regular rehearsals, or tests in rehearsal spaces).
  • Research that is part of an ongoing production process. The research may eventually serve as the foundation for a future production but cannot be in progress during the research period.

Who can apply?

  • (Aspiring) directors, theatre writers, choreographers, artists, scenographers, filmmakers, screenwriters, and dramaturgs.
  • Both emerging and established artists can apply.
  • Panorama is open to individuals, including those with their own foundation or company.
  • Applicants must be Dutch nationals (or have been living in the Netherlands for at least three years) and actively engaged in the Dutch field of theatre, dance, or film.

What should I submit?

  • A clearly formulated research question, explaining what will be investigated and the purpose of the research.
  • A reflection on the relevance of the research, explaining why it is necessary.
  • The research method, including:
    • Description of the steps that will be taken.
    • Description of the timeline.
    • Ideas on how the research results or report will be shared with others during or after the research.
  • A proof of participation, a letter of intent or contact letter from the place where you will be conducting research. If not possible: explain why not.
  • A detailed budget. Including: your own fee, travel- and accommodation costs and possible external fees or costs (please specify which fees/costs are involved).
  • A resume.
  • Optionally, a list of all involved parties and their roles in the research.

Email your application with all the required documents to Jan Vos: j.vos@cultuurfonds.nl.

How much funding will be granted?

A total budget of € 40.000 is available. Up to six projects can receive a maximum grant of € 8.000 each.

How to request the grant after it is awarded?

  • 75% of the total grant can be requested immediately after receiving the award, using a 'betaalverzoek' form and providing the most recent timeline and goals (and a copy of the plane ticket).
  • After the research period, a reflective report must be submitted, detailing the process and steps taken, explaining any deviations from the original plan, and sharing the research findings. The remaining 25% will be paid after submitting the report along with a 'betaalverzoek' form.

What are the criteria?

  • The research provides a new and complementary perspective on the existing 'Western' canon.
  • The research must be conducted abroad.
  • The research is relevant to a wide audience, and applicants should have an idea of how and to whom the research findings will be made accessible.
  • It is possible to apply in the future for project realization using a research grant, as long as the application aligns with the criteria of Theatre, Dance, and Film. This application can be submitted after the Panorama grants are awarded.
  • Emphasis is placed on diversity in terms of applicants and a wide range of research subjects.

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International Professional Workshop - Around Central African Dances - 12 July to 21 August 2021
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Dancer: Sarah Huygens Jawla
Photo: Agence sénégalaise de Promotion touristique (ASPT)


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